Mug No. 9

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Bear x California Poppy  

Mug holds about 20 ounces 

Microwave and dishwasher safe although it’s always best to microwave minimally and hand wash to keep your mug looking it’s best and to extend the life of your mug. 

These mugs are high fired and made to withstand heavy daily usage but it’s always best to excercise caution when cheersing or handling your mug. It WILL break if handled too roughly or dropped. Excessive microwaving and dishwashering can weaken the clay over time (years and years..) and cause it to be more prone to breakage. 

Native House is not responsible for ceramics after they leave the studio. Contact your shipping carrier for missing stolen or broken packages. Native House packs everything for shipment with the utmost care using recyclable and completely compostable packaging.