Modern Relics

Made From The Earth, Smoothed With Water, Kissed By the Air and Transformed by Fire

Native House

Handmade objects for your favorite spaces. Made from stoneware and high fired to withstand heavy use and last for generations to come. Heirloom pottery to remind its future holders to slow down and live closer to nature, that we came from the Earth and will return to the Earth, our own Native House.

The Black Rooster Decanter Set

Made from high quality stoneware and fired to temp for maximum durability. This decanter is not only ready for use, but also a great focal point for display. Each is handmade and signed to be truly one of a kind, and passed down as an heirloom for generations to come.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Absolutely loving painting with my gorgeous palette from Meg. The etched sides & eclipse design make it so special & I love that it is one of a kind, it fits me & my space perfectly- so grateful."
— Cheryl
Customer reviews
"Just wrapped my moms birthday gift, one of your altars along with a Polaroid pic and a piece of citrine to sit on top. I think it is such a lovely little set and she's going to love it."
— Nora

Small Batch

Each item is slow crafted by just two little hands using traditional methods such as handbuilding, and wheel throwing. Slip cast items are each hand carved to be one of a kind pieces.

Shop our selection of one of a kind planters!

Folkware mugs are great for everyday use. They're microwave and dishwasher safe.

Limited Edition

Every update is made in limited quantities, each with an individual themes. I often revisit imagery and ideas I'm inspired by, but each piece is one of a kind and cannot be recreated!