Goblet Candle white w cedar wick

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Measures about 3x3.5 inches 

Candle is comprised of beeswax and soy blend, scented with tonka, sandalwood and bergamot 


Candle color meanings:


In contrast to black, white offers an emphasis on peace and serenity. A way to make angelic connections, this color offers a different way to reach the spiritual realm. Creating a clean path, white candles may be lit to encourage a fresh state, new beginning, or aura cleansing. This color, often associated with tranquility, purification, and peace, may also promote healing, guidance, grounding, protection, balance, willpower, truth, clarity, optimism, innocence, and a desire to find a path to reach a higher self or better workplace situations. A flexible color often tied into the crown chakra, white is also a perfect substitute candle color that can do the work for other colors you do not currently have.