Kids Party

Kids Party

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Ages 7 and up are welcome. (Ages 4-6 need at least one adult per 2 children to help.)

We have room for cake and ice cream and plenty of space for presents.

Call to book a reservation, or for more information about possible projects. We have a project and theme to fit your budget!


Paintings $20-$35 per child (depending on size of canvas) Pick from our selection of images, or have one of our artists come up with one to fit your theme! Canvas sizes are 9X12, 12X12, 8X20, 11X14, and 16X20 inches. 

Pottery glazing $15-$35 per child (many bisque objects to choose from) Pick out a mug, plate, bowl or teapot to glaze. Items will be ready for pick up two weeks after the date of party.

Clay party $25-$35 per child Let your child have fun getting their hands dirty and we will clean up the mess! Choose from a hand-built project, or wheel lesson. Lots of possibilities to choose from!

$200 minimum to reserve the studio. Call to book reservation. Remainder of payment will be due upon arrival on scheduled party date.